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Create itineraries on Simonseeks

Posted by Sally Rowland 
Create itineraries on Simonseeks
October 29, 2010 03:23PM
The first version of itineraries is now live on Simonseeks, which means you can plan your trip by creating your own personal itinerary. Find out how it works by visiting the blog post I’ve just written: http://www.simonseeks.com/blog/create-itineraries-using-%E2%80%9Cmy-trip%E2%80%9D-simonseeks

What do you think of the new “My Trip” feature? Is this something that will make planning your holidays easier? Have a go at creating a trip and let me know what you think below. Thanks.
Re: Create itineraries on Simonseeks
November 02, 2010 10:19PM
Hmm! I didn't have too much luck with this feature and lost patience in the end. Probably I would have persevered more if I had a real trip in mind. I was focussing on Lucca and Florence and only found one hotel I could add to My trip. The restaurants and other hotels I looked at didn't appear to have the My trip feature available. Now you know I can't be relied on when it comes to technology Sally so you'll have to wait for some other views. It seems like a good idea- I just don't know how much of the site is participating or if I went about it the right way. I was willing, anyway! Sorry!
Like the change of venues on the home page by the way- it was time for some different ones to admire. eye rolling smiley
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